Post Surgery Physical Therapy

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Why Do You Need Post-Surgery Physical Therapy?

Surgery can take a huge toll on the human body. Although surgical procedures are supposed to treat existing medical problems, they can also have side effects that make your daily life harder to manage.

One notable side effect of surgery is lingering pain. Your pain may become less intense as time passes, but it may still be a nuisance that intrudes upon your daily life. Addressing that lingering pain is a must. Signing up for physical therapy may be the only solution to that problem.

Patients who recently underwent surgery may also suffer from reduced range of motion. The effects of your surgery may prevent you from moving your arms and legs like normal. At the very least, surgery could make moving around less comfortable for you. You must start a physical therapy regimen to regain your flexibility sooner rather than later.

Some surgical procedures are also accompanied by lengthy recovery periods. Your muscles may become significantly weaker while you’re in recovery. Going through physical therapy may be the only way to prevent that issue.

Those are just some of the medical factors you must consider while deciding if post-surgery physical therapy is right for you. Beyond them, you should also consider your work and living situation. Staying in the hospital for an extended period may not be an option, given your circumstances. Physical therapy can help you get back on your feet and minimize complications.

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How Will a Chiropractor Handle Your Physical Therapy?

Chiropractors are no strangers to helping patients dealing with lingering health issues. Whether your issues are related to an injury, a disease, or the side effects of surgery, you can count on a chiropractor for assistance.

What kind of physical therapy regimen will your chiropractor provide? The exact plan will depend on the specifics of your condition, but certain tools and techniques can address various issues.

For example, chiropractic adjustments can help recovering patients struggling with pain. Those same chiropractic adjustments will help mobilize different parts of your body to remove any lingering stiffness.

Your chiropractor can also craft an exercise program that allows you to stay physically engaged during your recovery. Following that exercise program will prevent your muscles from weakening.

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