Nutrition and Wellness


The human body is a powerful self-healing system with an INNATE healing ability to regenerate, fight disease and thrive.   Stress, Poor Nutrition and lifestyle choices can overwhelm this innate system and lead to many of the chronic degenerative conditions many suffer today.

 We work to assess the causes of chronic disease and apply strategies of nutrition, diet,  and exercise to restore balance as well as, treat and prevent these illnesses.

Our methods of evaluation include a detailed history, physical and nutritional exam. We also employ:

  • System Surveys
  • Food Diaries
  • System Strength Analysis
  • Blood and Saliva testing



Wellness classes are offered throughout the year, giving helpful information on living a more healthful and stress free life. These classes and workshops provide valuable health information that you can put to use the very next day to start reclaiming your health.

Our classes are offered in our office and are also available for businesses, social and church groups.  There is no fee for our outside workshops.  Classes include:  Living Well For Life: Seven Steps to Improved Health, Fatigue-The Adrenal/Thyroid Connection, Fibromyalgia, Beating Cholesterol and Diabetes, Balancing Female Hormones, Bone Health, Breast Cancer Prevention, The Benefits of Purification and Detox programs.

If interested in having a health workshop at your business or social group, please call 614-879-5070 or contact us here.  We are conveniently located to perfrom workshops in and aroudn West Jefferson, London, Mt. Sterling, Galloway , Plain City and Columbus

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